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Duniatex is the leading textile manufacturers in Indonesia. Duniatex is a professionally managed world class textile company, which focuses on spinning, weaving, dyeing, and finishing. The company consists of 18 proprietary limited companies, spread out over several locations on more than 150 hectares of land. Duniatex was founded in 1974 under the name of CV. DUNIATEX in Surakarta, operating primarily in the finishing industry in 1988. Due to its customer support and trust, Duniatex continued to grow and expand. In 1992, Duniatex took over PT. Damaitex located in Semarang which operated in the finishing industry. Furthermore, Duniatex expanded its weaving operations in 1998 by establishing PT. Dunia Sandang Abadi and PT. Delta Merlin Dunia Tekstil. Concurrently with the increasing demand of our fabric products, then Duniatex spread its wings and built PT. Delta Merlin Dunia Tekstil, now continued to grow in 8 different locations and developed a strong foundation in textile manufacturing in Indonesia.

Duniatex's tireless effort, strong commitment and high dedication to quality textile manufacturing have led the company into entering the spinning industry in which yarn is manufactured one of basic elements in the manufacture of textiles (fabric). In 2003, Duniatex established PT. Delta Merlin Sandang Tekstil and PT. Delta Dunia Tekstil in 2006, followed by the establishment of PT. Delta Dunia Sandang Tekstil in 2010. Duniatex's objective and orientation is to become the nation's strongest, the most reputable name in the textile manufacturers, to become a world leader on its behalf and the largest textile company in Indonesia.

Duniatex pays extensive attention to development of human resources and welfare to maintain loyalty and professionalism. Duniatex believes that without the support commitment and loyalty from its reliable and professional staff, corporate existence and attainment of future goals would be impossible. Duniatex has achieved Certification of Quality Standards ISO:9001:2000 with the support of more than 40,000 labourers. Duniatex's customers can be found in several countries accross four different continents; Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Duniatex also continues to spread its wings by developing a number of a new factories as well as increasing the number of spindles up to one million spindles at present and increasing the capacity to produce up to six hundred million meters of greige fabric annually. Duniatex will continue to perform to meet its local, nationwide, and worldwide market demands.


To become a world leader in the textile industry by providing the best quality products and services.


  • To deliver the best quality products and services to its customers.
  • To provide a friendly, pro-active, and accurate delivery of products and services.
  • To perform and maintain a conductive work atmosphere to its community, which will optimally contribute to the company's development and sustainability.
  • To work with passion and grow with customers.
  • To empower employees and provide the opportunity for them to grow personally, master their craft and reach their full potential.